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  • Implants to replace missing teeth
  • Bone Regeneration
  • Grafting for Recession
  • Crown Lengthening 
  • Aesthetic Crown Lengthening
  • Bone Grafting
  • Biopsy of Oral Tissues
  • Frenectomy
  • ​Extractions

Together, with the help of your General Dentist, Dr. Nadji and his specially trained Periodontal Team can help you regain and maintain your oral health.  It is our goal to help you keep your teeth for a lifetime! 

Team Work!

Nadji Periodontics


"I've worked with Dr. Nadji at the Graduate Periodontics clinic at UBC during his specialty degree there for three years.  I was truly impressed by his surgical skills, treatment planning abilities, and most importantly his chair-side manner with his patients.  Every patient mattered to Dr. Nadji and he went out of his way to ensure that they had an excellent experience.  I can honestly say that he is one of the brightest and kindest residents I have worked with in the past decade.  Red Deer is certainly blessed by having him offer his services in their community."

 Dr. Anastasios (Tassos) Irinakis

 Clinical Associate Professor,

 Faculty of Dentistry UBC​

Nadji Periodontics in Red Deer

Your Dental office or Dental Hygienist referred you to see a Periodontist.  

Some of the most common reasons for being referred are dental implants to replace missing teeth or to check the health of your gums.  

Your Oral Health is directly related to your overall health!